"Extra" dictionary isn't logged in iOS

I’m using Sentry for iOS (Swift 3) for sending debug events to the server.
I fill extra tags full of information but none of them are logged. Here is my code:

let event = Event.build("Alarm is too far in future") {
                $0.level = .Warning
                $0.extra = [
                    "Alarm ID": alarmId,
                    "Query Time" : queryTime,
                    "Local Query Time" : localQueryTime,
                    "Local Current Time" : now,
                    "Seconds Since Query" : secondsSinceQuery,
                    "Seconds to arrival" : secondsToAlarmSinceNow

This event is logged, but no extra information available. Am I missing something?


I’ve just tried your example and you are right, its not working.

You are probably trying to set a NSDate() object somewhere, we check for
isValidJSONObject which only supports NSString, NSNumber, NSArray, NSDictionary, or NSNull.

So try to convert your date object to a string, then your extra should appear on the server.

We will improve our feedback output for this so you at least know whats wrong and why its not sent, thanks for pointing this out.

ThAnks. I found that already myself and forgot to mention here. I think you can support most foundation types. Just call description when serializing to JSON

Best Regards,
Alexey Rashevskiy