[Feature Request] Manage Issue trackers on a per-team or organization basis

It would smooth the project creation workflow if you could configure an issue tracker that is global to the organization, or to a team, and then configure per-project options.

What we have now

If you’d like to link an issue tracker (such as JIRA) to a project, it must be done for each project individually. This requires the user configuring the project to have access to JIRA admin credentials; this user might not be a person with access to those credentials. It also creates a significant duplication across projects.

What would be ideal

  • An user with access to JIRA admin credentials can configure a per-organization or per-team JIRA integration.
  • A user with access to create new projects in Sentry can create a project, and configure the JIRA integration using the per-org/team integration, specifying per-project options.

This feature is generally actually desirable across all integrations, but the issue tracker is where I most directly encountered it.