Feature request: show 24H/14D counts on the search page

Over time, the number of logged events for an issue can grow, which can make the count (under the EVENTS column) on the search page more related to an issue’s age than it’s current severity. For example, a previous outage might have caused many thousands of logged events in the past, but only occurs occasionally now.

What is useful is the number of times the issue has occurred recently, and it seems the histograms showing counts for the last 24H/14D have exactly this information. Unfortunately, because there’s no common scale to these graphs, it’s really hard to tell which issues were the most common. I usually spend some time mousing-over the graphs to read the tooltips, but it would be great if the counts they contain were more visible - maybe a number next to the graph, or a whole new column?

Being able to sort by this field would be an added bonus (e.g. “most frequent in the last 24H”) but just making these counts more visible would be awesome :slight_smile: