Features safe to run with 9.1?

I’m looking at some of the feature flags listed in https://github.com/getsentry/sentry/blob/releases/9.1.x/src/sentry/conf/server.py#L796 (the 9.1 branch).

Could you please help me identify the feature flags that I can safely switch on with the older infrastructure layout?

I can see that some of the flags are behind a requires_snuba list and a few feature flags that pop out immediately, but are the other features OK to simply enable?

    # Enable attaching arbitrary files to events.
    'organizations:event-attachments': False,

    # Turns on grouping info.
    'organizations:grouping-info': False,

    # Lets organizations manage grouping configs
    'organizations:set-grouping-config': False,

    # Enable org-wide saved searches and user pinned search
    'organizations:org-saved-searches': False,

    # Enable user recent searches
    'organizations:recent-searches': False,

    # Enable organizations to create and utilize Sentry Apps.
    'organizations:sentry-apps': False,

    # Enable functionality to specify custom inbound filters on events.
    'projects:custom-inbound-filters': False,

    # Enable functionality to discard groups.
    'projects:discard-groups': False,

    # Enable functionality to trigger service hooks upon event ingestion.
    'projects:servicehooks': False,

I’m also curious about what these feature flags do and why these are disabled by default.

We run Sentry on-premise behind a firewall (nothing coming in, nothing going out), so we don’t expect to be hit by the full force of the internet (spam / attacks).

I look at the code for these feature flags, and all the features here seem to trigger code.

  • event-attachments : Seems to allow some files to be attached to events?? I couldn’t understand what this does. Appears to allow a weaker security scheme?
  • grouping-info : Seems to display the grouping information. Seems very helpful. Don’t know why this isn’t enabled by default.
  • set-grouping-config : Seems to open up the grouping configuration to the organization. Seems very helpful. Don’t know why this isn’t enabled by default.
  • org-saved-searches : Seems to enabled organization saved searches. :P. Don’t know why this is not enabled by default.
  • recent-searches : Seems to enable recent searches. :P. Don’t know why this isn’t enabled by default.
  • sentry-apps : Seems to allow users to create some form of an “app” that has an API token, but is not linked to any specific user. Seems very useful. Don’t know why this isn’t enabled by default.
  • custom-inbound-filters : Seems to allow people to make a per-project exceptions filter that filters based on exceptions or releases. Don’t know why this is not enabled by default.
  • discard-groups : Seems to allow users to store an exception in a Discard pile where events will be more permanently ignored. Don’t know why this is not enabled by default.
  • servicehooks : Seems to allow users to trigger a URL Post on a Custom endpoint after the event is received.
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Hi @ParthKolekar,

All of the safe-to-use features are enabled on 9.1 as far as I’m aware. Is there anything you are particularly interested in? You may also try out the v10 BETA to get some of these new features as v10 comes with the supporting Snuba service.

I’m looking specifically at the discard and drop feature. Does it need infrastructure in addition to the 9.1 setup?

Can you be more specific (maybe point to some docs?) as I don’t understand what this is feature is.

I meant delete and discard. https://blog.sentry.io/2018/01/03/delete-and-discard

The code calls it discard-groups feature flag.

Ah, thanks for the reference @ParthKolekar! I checked the code and it seems like this is only available with Snuba, which is (will be) introduced in Sentry 10 soon.

Thanks for confirming!

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