8.9 / Testing Weekly Reports for Early Adopter Organizations

Hi there,

I have upgraded to 8.9 and I wonder how I could test that feature. I was wondering if I could use (or write) a test command to do so. I have never used feature flags so I don’t know how to change that in the code (if needed). Also I’m using the “on premise” version, so maybe the flow will be different.

Thanks !

For on-premise deployments, you’ll need to enable organizations:reports:prepare and organizations:reports:deliver in the SENTRY_FEATURES mapping in your settings file.

If you’re inheriting from the default Sentry server settings which already has SENTRY_FEATURES defined, you can enable them like so:

    "organizations:reports:prepare": True,
    "organizations:reports:deliver": True,

You’ll also want to make both your workers and beat process were restarted after the 8.9 upgrade to pick up the task and the new schedule entry, respectively.