Visibility / Discover not available on-premise

We have sentry deployed as on-premise on our company, but we cannot see the visibility features in our Sentry. Is that not available there, or is there something we need to do to enable it please? I was not able to find any documentation around this …

Hi! Adding SENTRY_FEATURES.update({'organizations:discover': True}) to the config file enabled it for me. That said I’m testing snuba locally so use this at your own risk and it probably won’t work without snuba.

@BYK Are you running snuba with Sentry 9.1.1?

@ibm5155 - Using the latest master which maps to 10.x. I don’t think this is available in any of the 9.x builds.

Technically it’s available in the 9.1 builds, but we disable all of the feature flags as it requires significantly different infrastructure that is not fully documented.