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We have a self-hosted instance of Sentry v9.1.2. I’m really struggling to find the total count of transactions (or per project) there as we are in the process of comparing Sentry SaaS with the self-hosted version. I tried checking the API reference documentation (Events & Issues | Sentry Documentation) but apparently, no API endpoint has been enlisted that retrieves the transaction count. As we are on an older version, the Sentry dashboard is quite outdated and there aren’t many options available to check the statistics.
Can somebody please help me understand where I can find this value?

Thank you!

When you say transactions, do you mean total number of error events? Asking because Sentry 9.1.2 does not have other kinds of transactions or performance data.

@BYK : Thanks for your response!
I guess, what you are saying makes sense as I could not find any mention of Transaction anywhere on our Sentry dashboard.
On opening Stats, all you will see is a list of all our projects along with their statistics shown under ACCEPTED, RATE LIMITED, FILTERED, and TOTAL columns in a tabular format. And lastly, on the right topmost corner, Events per Minute are shown.
From what I’ve understood so far from reading the documentation, in order to zero in on a suitable SaaS pricing model, we also need to consider any additional events (exceeding quota). So for that, we need to have a rough estimate of the Monthly errors and attachments for Error Monitoring and Monthly transactions for Performance Monitoring, right?
Now, how do I find the latter in our case as we are on an older Sentry version that doesn’t support other kinds of transactions or performance data, as you mentioned above?

I honestly don’t know as this version is very old, need to dig into the bitrotten code. If you can share your ultimate goal, maybe we can find an easier way?

@BYK : Yes, it is quite old and that’s why we intend to upgrade it as soon as we can. But before doing that, we want to consider the SaaS option as it will make our lives easier.
So we are in the process of finding out a suitable pricing model for our business and as I mentioned previously, it requires playing around with some statistics. On average, we get over 66.9k events (of which ~ 39.7k are Filtered) in a week.

For that, I strongly recommend contacting our sales team as they may have expertise/tooling to estimate your monthly cost and may even offer different plans to suit your needs. Would you be interested in that?

Newer versions of Sentry are much more resource intensive as they have a lot more features, especially around performance and search so it is not easy to simply extrapolate from this. I repeat my recommendation around contacting our sales team as they are the experts on this issue.

@BYK : Thanks again for your response!
That sounds like a good idea! It definitely makes more sense if someone from your Sales team can support me in digging up the actual numbers, and come up with their recommendations.
We are cognizant of the fact that the newer version of Sentry are super-resource intensive and that’s one of the reasons we wanted to take a look at the SaaS offering, which means comparing both the offerings based on what we need, how much we need and what are the costs?
Could you follow up on this and connect me to your Sales team, pls?

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@Disha Hi Disha. Andrew with the sales team. I just sent you an email to setup a meeting. Looking forward to talking with you and learning more about your team and organization.

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Hi @advise
I have set up our call for today, let’s discuss this in detail over there.
Looking forward to speaking with you!


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