Fingerprint rules based on tag values

Hi All,

We have a monitoring application which do some tests on various application like pinging their URL, testing some API on scheduled manner and send an alert to sentry in case any of the test fails. As all these alerts are coming from the single source though for different applications, sentry merge all of them together under one issue. the alert contains various tags like application name, test name etc. I am looking to make sure that event related to one set of tag (combination of application and test name) get into one issue. To do so I was trying to create custom fingerprints. It seems like for each combination of application and test name, I need to create one rule. This does not seems like possible as we keep adding more application and tests to this. I was just wondering if there is way to say that each unique combination of these tag values get into its own issue. With this i don’t have to worry creating new rules and sentry can automatically see a new combination and create new record.