Github integration with reactJS

Initial setup was super simple. I just added the following line and sentry start capturing error log.

Sentry.init({dsn: ""});

But I am not able to integrate it with Github.

So the need is I have a release branch and I want whenever I push something new it should create a new release branch.

if there is any error it should point me out which commit is causing an error. I will describe what all I have done so far with step by step.

I have three branches. However, the master branch is not playing any here so far


I have created the project using create-react-app. I have put the following code into app.js file.

if(process.env.REACT_APP_ENV === 'release'){
  Sentry.init({dsn: ""});

after that, I have linked my Github account to sentry and allow access to the repo which is successfully link

Now I did some changes in the development branch and pushed to the development branch.
then I switch to release branch.

I merge it with the development branch. after merging I push the code release branch then run following steps.

export SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN= <auth_token>
export SENTRY_ORG=my-org-slug
VERSION=$(sentry-cli releases propose-version) // what is propose-version

# Create a release
sentry-cli releases new -p sentry  $VERSION // sentry is my project name

# Associate commits with the release
sentry-cli releases set-commits --auto $VERSION

After this command, I can see the release with hash number in release tab but my issue are still independent they are not tagged with this release number

When I click the issue tab I can see the issue but they not linked with release

How can link issue with commit?