Github returns 404 on SSO setup

Hey there,

I just installed Sentry On-Premise on my organizations server.
We are keeping our project in private GitHub repositories, so it makes sense to let our developers to login via GitHub SSO.

After I clicked “Configure” in my Sentry Organization’s Authentication options I have gotten an 404 from GitHub.
I was wondering if I did something wrong or if this is a bug.

Does anyone have any ideas or solutions for that plugin?

Thanks in advance!
Kind Regards,
Lukas Jost

Can you provide more information around this such as which page on GitHub you get the 404 for, any logs on Sentry side, your Sentry version, whether you’ve configured your GitHub configuration in Sentry config files etc.

thanks for your reply!

I get redirected to

I’m using Sentry 0bfd554e.

I do not configured GitHub in my config files. Is that necessary?

I’ve the same problem, and I’ve configured Github App correctly

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Does someone have an idea or solution?

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Sorry for the radio silence, we’ll be looking into this soon and update here.

Thanks a lot for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience.

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Any updates? I’m still seeing this with Sentry 20.9.0.dev0

EDIT: Got it!

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Ah, sorry some things just fall of our radar occasionally. We’ve created a new guide for GitHub SSO which also covers the GitHub integration:

I see that you were able to resolve your issue but I’d love to get your feedback on the new guide and see if it works for you.

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