Sign in with Github for onpremise sentry

I was trying to enable github sso on the sentry on-premise version using the instructions mentioned here: (added pip install in the docker file)

However I couldn’t make it working.

  • After github provider installation, i can see a github option in the organization auth page. If I click configure, it is redirecting me to a github login page. After providing github credentials i am being redirected to the github app callback url which is sentry root url. However, i cannot see any configured entry in the org auth page after this configuration is done. Next time when i am trying to click the configure button again, it is redirecting me to the sentry root page without asking for any github credentials.

  • In the sentry login page I cannot see any link “Sign in with Github”. What is the required condition for this link to display? Is this link an obsolete one?

Is there any blog on how to configure github sso?