How to do gitlab integration?

I feel kinda stupid for asking this, but I can’t figure it out. We’ve got our code at gitlab, and I want to integrate Sentry with Gitlab. So I get the instructions to Create a Sentry App in GitLab for which the first step is:

1. Navigate to the User Settings section of your GitLab instance.

I’ve clicked around gitlab for way too long but I can’t find the User Settings section. In the gitlab group I’ve got a Members section (which includes no sidebar with “Applications”) and in our various gitlab projects I’ve got “Settings/Members” which is basically the same as the group members section.

I’ve also checked out “Settings/Integrations” but I can’t find anything there either.

Do you have a guide for dummies with screenshots/video or something?

Is this the guide you tried to follow: It doesn’t list the step you mentioned so I hope you’ve overlooked this guide and that it’ll help you.

The url you posted gives me a 404

I’ve tried following this guide:

In there it says you get instructions:

And in those instructions the first step is

  1. Navigate to the User Settings section of your GitLab instance.

(I wanted to post a screenshot of this screen as well, but I can only post one image since I’m a new user)

So from here I’m stuck. Any tips?

Sorry, I don’t know where I got that URL from (but I think I pasted it). I think I wanted to link to the docs you linked to in the previous post.

The content of the screenshot you circled seems to be from an old version of the doc. Just follow the written instructions on that page and go to the Organization settings instead of the User settings.

The screen that is being referred to in the docs is this,

@jnns What do you mean by Organization settings? Where do I find that?