Google Auth - Team or Business plan?

I’m a new customer on the team plan. I went to the Auth panel, wanting to enable Google Auth for my organization. The label next to Google says “Team Plan”, as opposed to others like Okta which say “Business Plan.” Seems like I should be able to select Google. The option next to Google (like all the others) is “Learn More”. When I select Learn More I see a modal that says “Try Business Plan” which suggests that I need to be on the Business plan to use Google Auth. Which is it, Team or Business?


Google Auth is available on the Team plan. It looks like a credit was added to your account, but the plan still needs to be upgraded to Team. You can click “Upgrade now” on the same modal to go to checkout. If you’re having any trouble upgrading please contact Support through the dialog on the checkout page.


Ah ha! Thanks! That was it. Solved.

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