Guide for setting up Sentry to use "standard" dumps + symbols


I’m trying to set up Sentry On-Premise to be able to upload manually “standard” dumps (meaning: not a Crashpad/Breakpad minidumps). So far I’ve tried 9.1.2 but after getting different issues (getting 502 or 411 error while trying to upload dump/symbols) I’ve found post suggesting that I will need:

  • Sentry 10-dev from master
  • Symbolicator

So I’ve set up Sentry 10-dev but as soon I started it, CPU usage goes way up and it complains a lot about not being able to use Snuba (I didn’t know it’s required). I will try to set Snuba but is there anything else I should know? Documentation is not very helpful in my case and all knowledge is spread around different places… Would be great if someone could give me some hints. Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure exactly what your issues are, but anything related to Sentry 10 and symbolicator and snuba aren’t documented yet because they aren’t ready for public consumption. There are a lot of parts going on here, and we’re actively working to get them consumable.

This is the start of it:

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Yeah, I guess I will just keep an eye on and try it again when it’s ready :slight_smile: Thanks.