Send already existing dmp files to Sentry

Is it possible to send already captured native dump files to Sentry?

We are currently testing Sentry as our new platform for crash reporting. Capturing new events was very easy to set up and work well. Migrating the already existing dumps is a key aspect to test the capabilities and the workflows we want to setup. Can anyone share any ideas or experience how to do this?

Sometimes, but generally no. Sentry is often operating on a specified format of a data and without that it cannot understand or materialize the information you’re sending it.

The exception to this rule is with Breakpad/Crashpad, where Sentry can accept native minidumps with minimal configuration. It’s not as fully featured as our SDKs in those cases, but Sentry is context-aware enough to be able to transform (symbolicate) those into our event JSON payloads.

If you mean minidumps you can use curl to upload them:

If you mean coredumps you can use this tool:

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Thank you! This might solve the problem!

Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem when passing additional data:


@vitaliy.ostapchuk which SDK is generating these attributes? As you can see, the keys have single quotes prepended ('). If you ensure that the keys just read sentry[release], then it works.


this is done as suggested with the curl post

$ curl -X POST \
  '***' \
  -F upload_file_minidump=@mini.dmp \
  -F 'sentry={"release":"1.2.3","tags":{"mytag":"value"}}'

Is this windows/powershell by any chance? That contains a “fake curl” that doesn’t really do single quotes like the real curl + bash does.

Well, I am using it on Windows indeed, but using double quotes for the request. Sentry somehow ends up using single quotes?

I mean the single-quote in -F 'sentry

Ok, yes, those seem to be the problem. How do I upload the dumps from a Windows machine though?

Got it working seems to be as easy as using \" as escapes, in case someone else having the same issues.