How do I debug native crash uploads?

I’m setting up Sentry using the native SDK in a native C++ app. I forced a crash in the app, and it didn’t show up in the project on the Sentry dashboard. How do I debug what’s going wrong? It’s almost certainly something I haven’t set up in the app yet, but I’m not sure where to start looking.

The app is doing this:
sentry_options_t* sentryOptions = sentry_options_new();
//sentry_options_add_attachmentw( sentryOptions, tools::getDefaultLogPath().generic_wstring().c_str() );
sentry_options_set_dsn( sentryOptions, “” );

sentry_init( sentryOptions );

Then deliberately crashing:
memset( (void*)1, 0, 500 );

Are there sentry log files or anything else I can look at to try to figure out what’s going wrong?

My problem was that I needed to copy crashpad_handler so it was sitting next to my binary.

If you have a new user troubleshooting checklist, you should add that to it. And also make such a troubleshooting checklist much more visible… If you have one, I didn’t find it.