[C++/Native] Debug files upload together with crash raport

Dear All,
I couldnt find answers in documentation. If this is described please take my apologies and kindly point me to relevant chapter

I am working with Sentry C++/Native SDK with crashpad.

  1. I understand that main wau of working with debug files it to upload them with sentry-cli, but is there a way to run crash inspection using files uploaded together with crashdump that are added with sentry_options_add_attachment? If yes, is it a matter of configuring client or server?

  2. I have verified with sentry-cli difutil check that binary i am using contains symbol table and debug information, but setting sentry_options_set_symbolize_stacktraces(options, true); doesnt result in any additional information displayed later on the server side when crash report is sent. I understood that with that option stacktrace analysis is done on client PC, thus missing debug files on server should not be an issue, but might uderstood wrongly.

Thank you in advance