How do I migrate a project from one Sentry instance to another?

I’ve got multiple Sentry instances running internally, and would like to migrate the projects from the older Sentry instances (9.0.0) to a single newer one (21.8.0). My first instinct is to upgrade the old instances first, then do DB dump/loads (if possible).

What are my options here?

Any recommendations on how best to tackle a migration like this?

We do have some docs on this. Have you read those over yet? :slight_smile:

Darn, no, I didn’t think to look. Now that you said something though, I can see the docs talking about the export commands and docker volumes.

Does the import command from merge or overwrite project and user settings? Meaning if I have project/user settings on the instance that is doing the import, will I lose them?

Hrm … if I’m reading this right you will lose them as it installs the default settings first and then the custom settings. Can you test it to be sure? Then we can update the doc.

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