Moving Self-Hosted Sentry 20 to another server

Hi, I’m trying to move the self-hosted sentry to another self-hosted server. Currently, I have tried exporting sentry using sentry export on the web container (which generates sentry_export.json) but unable to find out how to import those back on the new host.

Is there some kind of guide in order to do this (move all data and config)? I’ve tried googling but never once see any question regarding this issue.
Every help is appreciated.

Sentry version 20.11 (migrate to same version)

Does this help? How to move whole project to new server?


It is best to migrate all Docker volumes and then things should just work as they were on the old machine. export / import would only transfer projects and DSNs and not much more. You’d definitely lose historical event data etc.

I see, so cmiiw in order to migrate there’s 2 things to do:

  1. Migrate Docker Volume
  2. export / import to transfer project and DNS.

Regarding no 2, i’ve tried import sentry_export.json but got error duplicate. My guest is while running ./, it also running data initalization, therefore raising the error. Any idea how to import ?


thanks for the help, unfortunately i still don’t understand how to “resync the files”. Perhaps you can explain more?

If you migrate Docker Volumes, that’s everything. You don’t need the export / import dance at all.