React Native + Appcenter Codepush sourceMaps not working

For a React-Native with Appcenter/codepush app I have uploaded source + source maps. Events are associated to the proper release which has the proper artifcats, but I’m not getting resolved stack traces in Sentry. I think this is because the in the event the source URL is quite specific.

For instance: artifacts show in Sentry as:

However, in my event I see the following sourceURL:
sourceURL: /data/user/0/,

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the problem is that the paths don’t match. Is there a way to override the sourceURL or something similar? Or shouldn’t the tilde ~ prefix match any url path?

Sentry IS showing the following error:
There were 2 errors encountered while processing this event -
**timestamp** : Invalid timestamp (in future) (i think this is unrelated)
**unknown** : Discarded unknown attribute (related?)