How to consolidate performance transactions in sentry using javascript sdk for same api?

Hi All,

I have set up my front-end project in angular in which I have installed sentry SDK.

import * as Sentry from '@sentry/browser';
import { Integrations as ApmIntegrations } from '@sentry/apm';

        dsn: '',
        environment: environment.env_name,
        release: version,
        integrations: [
          new ApmIntegrations.Tracing(),
        tracesSampleRate: 0.25, // must be present and non-zero

Above you can see sample code like how I initialize sentry in my project. I am getting issues in sentry properly but when I check performance transactions in sentry, it shows lots of duplicated transactions of the same API which I want to summarize.


In the above screenshot you can see for the same order detail API I am having lots of duplicated performance transactions. I want to summarize in a single call something like this =>/orders/<order_id>

I have gone through sentry settings and SDK docs but nothing helped me and did not get any solution to this issue. Nee your support to tackle this thing.

Thank you.