How to disable grouping of events for one specific message?

I am trying to prevent sentry from grouping my errors. Specifically I log to sentry ( captureMessage() ) when a task is taking too long. The code is as simple as:

from celery.utils.log import get_task_logger
task_logger = get_task_logger(__name__)
if task_has_exceeded_time_limit:
        task_logger.warning(f'Hanging job: Job processing time has exceeded - {restart_threshold}. {log_data}')
        client.captureMessage(f'Hanging job: Job processing time has exceeded: {job_id}', extra={
            'restart_threshold': f'{restart_threshold} seconds',
            'log_data': log_data

A daemon will check this task on a regular interval. As long as the job is still “taking too long”, I want it to alert me. As of now, I have I have one sentry alert where there are 10k events. Instead, I want each of these events to be an individual Sentry alert (as if they were all different errors/alerts). I cannot find anything that would work. The closest thing I can find is However, this does not help because I am not “splitting” these errors in to further subcategories; I simply do not want the grouping algorithm to be enabled for this one particular section of my code.

Is this possible to do in Sentry?

You can set the fingerprint to a completely random value to create one group per event/message. That would effectively give you one alert per event/message.

@untitaker I see in raven-python that fingerprint can be used in two places. One is inside extra, another one is a key of captureMessage. Is there a difference in functionality?

Putting it in extra will have no effect. Where are you seeing that?