How to send Attachments with google cloud serverlees sdk?

Hello :slight_smile: , I need to send an Attachment with the event I’m sending through my cloud function (NODJS).

const Sentry = require("@sentry/serverless");

  dsn: "mydns",
  tracesSampleRate: 1.0,

      if (errorJson.length) {
          message: 'Entry List',
          attachments: JSON.stringify(errorJson[0])

When I receive the event I have this warning:
There was 1 problem processing this event
and when I click on show I get:
attachments: Discarded unknown attribute

I really need that because the JSON contains the ids I need to fix the errors…
How I can send that to Sentry?

Thanks a lot in advance! Happy Holidays!

Anyone knows how that works?
Thanks again!