How to upgrade from Sentry 9 to 10

Is there any instruction to upgrade from Sentry 9 to 10?

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Not comprehensively but there is some work and discussion over at You can try those and follow that issue for a more complete and robust guide. We don’t have a timeline for that yet though.

Hi, is the document available now ?

Hi @rajivmucheli,

No such document exists yet. We are planning to have it in the coming months.

@BYK Are these docs now available?

If you have been using a docker-based setup, we can help. No guide exists yet for Python based installations.

Yes we are using a Docker-based setup running on OpenShift. If you can provide some pointers to migration docs we would be glad :+1:

I mean, if you are using OpenShift, not sure how much this would apply but I’m assuming you can decode what the script is doing and apply that to your setup:

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