HTTP Request method and path are wrong with Sentry / Node

I’m using sentry’s JS SDK and I believe this information is coming from the requestHandler middleware. As you can see, the HTTP method and path at the top does not match those detected in the transaction and url tags which are the correct ones. Is it possible this is a bug in Sentry’s SDK or more likely an issue with my setup?

Have you checked the JSON attachment in this event? We have had a similar case in our practise, and later we found out that in JSON is the correct detail

What is the JSON attachment? How do I check it? I am getting the correct details in the tags. Incorrect in the title though

In your post, you can see “JSON(13.0KB)”.

Have you checked that?

Ah yes that has the correct info but that is essentially what I’m reporting. The http method and path in the title are wrong but in the tags (and seems the JSON as well), they are correct. It’s confusing to go through the list of issues when the titles have the wrong information