I can not ignore the error


From time to time I get the following error:

SyntaxError Object.ThrowError(3BEA559A-142C-C445-8503-CB3E2C21520E/main)

errorJSON syntax error

Stacktrace: https://i.gyazo.com/30a2744b6e71cf964eba98b1a5e19d46.png
where app.js is my app, main.js is third-party script and should be igroned.

What I have tried:
a) add string Object.ThrowError(3BEA559A-142C-C445-8503-CB3E2C21520E/main) in ignoreErrors option.
b) add regex /kaspersky-labs\.com/i in ignoreUrls option.

But I still get the error message! What am I doing wrong?