"Ignore until X times in Y period" doesn't do what I would expect?

I couldn’t find a channel specific to the dashboard, hopefully this is an ok place

I have an exception that we’ve investigated and decided is occurring for acceptable reasons, but would be the sign of a deeper issue if it occurred more than times in a given day. I set an Ignore until 5 times in 24 hours from the dashboard:

However, the very next time the exception occurred (2 times), the Issue was surfaced back to the top of the Issues list as Unresolved and an alert was sent to Slack.

(I’m a new user so I couldn’t post a picture here - it was the past 24 hours + past 30 days charts showing it had only occurred 2 times in 24 hours and had been > 7 days since prior occurrence)

Today the same thing occurred again, though I had not reset the Ignore (which may have been necessary?).

I’ve searched the forum and looked for documentation on what the intended behavior is, but haven’t been able to find anything.

Is this working as expected (and I should figure out a better solution on my side for thresholds) or is it a bug?