Increase post body length

It is possible to increase the length of the post body? Right now it’s capped at 8192 characters.

We are running an on-premise docker installation.

Can you provide more details about your setup and the error you are getting? I’ve looked around and couldn’t find any limit around 8kb – if only, there are overrides to allow much larger payloads so we need more information to determine where the actual limit is in your setup.

Hi Byk,

We are trying to diagnose an exception that occurs in a post ( mvc),
The exception is being caught by our global unhandled exception handler.

To reproduce the error we need the full post body, to be able reproduce what the user was doing.

If there is any other information i could help with please let me know.

I am guessing it is being cut off here, even if this is the correct source I can’t find in which docker image/container the Semaphore assembly belongs to:

Snippet from Semaphore source code

/// Http request information.
#[derive(Clone, Debug, Default, PartialEq, Empty, FromValue, ToValue, ProcessValue)]
#[metastructure(process_func = “process_request”, value_type = “Request”)]
pub struct Request {
/// URL of the request.
#[metastructure(pii = “true”, max_chars = “path”)]
pub url: Annotated,

/// HTTP request method.
pub method: Annotated<String>,

/// Request data in any format that makes sense.
// TODO: Custom logic + info
#[metastructure(pii = "true", bag_size = "large")]
pub data: Annotated<Value>,

BagSize::Small => 1024,
BagSize::Medium => 2048,
BagSize::Large => 8192,
BagSize::Larger => 16384,
BagSize::Massive => 262_144,

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Hey @Scale, maybe this workaround works for you: