"Installation with Python" problem

when i follow the doc (https://docs.sentry.io/server/installation/python/#installation-with-python) to install sentry, got some problem.

1, when i finished Starting the Web Service
SENTRY_CONF=/etc/sentry sentry run web
then,i can’t visit http://localhost:9000/.

2, when Starting Background Workers:
SENTRY_CONF=/etc/sentry sentry run worker

i got:
Running a worker with superuser privileges when the
worker accepts messages serialized with pickle is a very bad idea!

If you really want to continue then you have to set the C_FORCE_ROOT
environment variable (but please think about this before you do).

User information: uid=0 euid=0 gid=0 egid=0

could someone help me!

Unclear what the issue here is. For the worker, it’s literally telling you what to do. You shouldn’t run as root, and since you’re trying, it’s telling you how to work around it by explicitly setting an environment variable. As for the web, I’m not sure. You need to give me more information other than it not working. I assume there is an error or something to help.

If you’re on Debian or Ubuntu, try this.