Integrating SMTP with sentry on premise-20.12.1

Hi all, I am using sentry on premise, I have configured smtp mail settings in config.yml. But when I am sending test mail its flashing error which I am attaching here. I am using following configurations for smtp.

mail.backend: 'smtp'  # Use dummy if you want to disable email entirely ''
mail.port: 587
mail.username: ''
mail.password: 'mail password'
mail.use-tls: true
# The email address to send on behalf of
mail.from: ''

error while sending test mail![Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 5.32.40 PM|690x156]

The error says that the username and password was not accepted.
It’s not a Sentry “problem”. Read more here

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@Alexander is there any issue in config that I have shared? I have also enabled less secure app access on gmail but no luck in either case.

Very likely that your password or username is incorrect even if “you are sure” they are correct. If you are using 2FA, you’d need to generate an app-specific password.

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@BYK I have cross checked username and password, even turned on 2FA and created app-specific-password but where I have to place it on sentry.

We know our SMTP integration works, and we also know it works with GMail as this is how I tested it myself so my best guess is you having some encoding or formatting issues when you are entering this information to your configuration file.

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