Sentry 21.7.0 and Mailgun SMTP

Hi there,

so after looking around deeply into github issues and the forum, I couldn’t find a solution for the problem I’m facing right now.

Basically I want to configure Mailgun SMTP credentials with our on-premise sentry service, which is running with docker.
The configurations we have (which are set inside sentry/config.yml) look like this:

is there anything we might missing with the configs? mailgun does not showing any logs regarding receiving any request to send a mail, thus there’s nothing on their side.

btw, we’ve already tried the following solutions:

  • updating the configs and checking all possibilities with different ports (including 25) and ssl/tls configs (literally checked every combination)
  • restarting the whole service and its volumes
  • disabling the firewall and in/outbound ports

thanks in advance

What do you see in worker logs? What error do you see when you try to send a test email?

These are the results from test mail:

These are the results when I try to verify my email address:

Yeah it says a timeout connecting to the socket, indicating a networking issue. It may just be some connectivity problem or a firewall preventing Sentry from talking to Mailgun servers.

well, it’s quite strange! as I mentioned before, we’ve already disabled our firewalls, thus allowing all outbound and inbound connections. our IP address is also white listed in mailgun…
might there be something else?

Did you verify that you can actually reach mailgun from inside the containers?

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