Internal Error downloading auto-fix script for debug symbols

I have an iOS app in my self-hosted Sentry (just updated to 6d33948 to see if it fixed the problem) which is missing some of the debug symbol files.

The Sentry web interface suggests that I can curl -SL | bash to see if it can find the missing symbols.

When I run this command, the file that gets downloaded and piped to bash is actually a JSON file that says {"detail": "Internal Error", "errorId": "..."}.

The Sentry Internal project caught the error and it says:

TypeError /api/0/projects/{organization_slug}/{project_slug}/processingissues/fix

errorpermission_denied() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘message’

The stack trace ends in sentry/api/ in dispatch at line 232

Should I file a bug report in Github for this, or is there something else going on - some setting I need to change, etc.?