Internal Server Error on parsing minidumps

Hello there,
After many attempts of processing minidumps through Sentry, we have decided to open a forum post on this issue.
We have Sentry successfully reporting C++ crashes through CrashPad, however, the issue made in Sentry for this is “Error processing minidump” and it shows that there was 1 error in processing the issue we select. The error given to us is simply “Internal server error” and we do not know what we can do with this information to fix this issue.

We have attempted to provide symbols for the project but this has not helped.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please check logs of the symbolicator container, or configure symbolicator with a DSN to get errors back into Sentry:

I added the DSN but it didn’t seem to do much. I switched to trace level debugging and got this error in the log for symbolicator:

2021-01-26T18:25:32Z [actix_web::pipeline] WARN: Error occurred during request handling: unknown formdata field
2021-01-26T18:25:32Z [actix_web::pipeline] DEBUG: "unknown formdata field"

   0: <unknown>
   1: failure::backtrace::Backtrace::new
   2: <unknown>
   3: <unknown>
   4: <unknown>
   5: <unknown>
   6: <unknown>
   7: <unknown>
   8: <unknown>
   9: <unknown>
  10: <unknown>
  11: <unknown>
  12: <unknown>
  13: <unknown>
  14: <unknown>
  15: <unknown>
  16: <unknown>
  17: <unknown>
  18: <unknown>
  19: <unknown>
  20: <unknown>
  21: <unknown>
  22: <unknown>
  23: <unknown>
  24: <unknown>
  25: <unknown>
  26: <unknown>
  27: <unknown>
  28: start_thread
  29: clone

Which version of onpremise are you using?

It is Sentry 21.1.0 486d790

Hi, any update on this?

Still waiting on any possible update

I suspect that your docker containers are somehow out of sync with each other. Symbolicator complains about unknown form fields provided by Sentry, however that should not happen unless you run old symbolicator with new sentry or vice versa.

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