[iOS] Debug Info Files not uploading

I’ve integrated Sentry in my iOS app through the Swift Package Manager (v 7.1.3). I’m using Xcode 12.5.1 and a Macbook with a M1 chip.
Followed every step for installation, configuration and uploading dSYM files from this page: iOS | Sentry Documentation

I’m trying to upload the dSYM automatically using the Run script with sentry-cli and I have disabled Bitcode.
The crashes are being registered in the Issues section, but they’re not symbolicated and no Debug Info Files are uploaded.
I can see the “Debug symbol upload starting” message when I run the app, but there are no details when I open the Script Editor and I get no other message to say if the upload finished or failed.

It worked to upload the dSYM when I tried manually using sentry-cli.

What can I try to make the Run Script work? I’ve completely run out of options.

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Bump. EXACT Same problem here.