[iOS] Debug Info Files not uploading

I’ve integrated Sentry in my iOS app through the Swift Package Manager (v 7.1.3). I’m using Xcode 12.5.1 and a Macbook with a M1 chip.
Followed every step for installation, configuration and uploading dSYM files from this page: iOS | Sentry Documentation

I’m trying to upload the dSYM automatically using the Run script with sentry-cli and I have disabled Bitcode.
The crashes are being registered in the Issues section, but they’re not symbolicated and no Debug Info Files are uploaded.
I can see the “Debug symbol upload starting” message when I run the app, but there are no details when I open the Script Editor and I get no other message to say if the upload finished or failed.

It worked to upload the dSYM when I tried manually using sentry-cli.

What can I try to make the Run Script work? I’ve completely run out of options.


Bump. EXACT Same problem here.

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Still present!

This script does not work:


n -s $(which node) /usr/ **local** /bin/node

**export** NODE_BINARY=node

**export** SENTRY_LOG_LEVEL=debug

**export** SENTRY_PROPERTIES=sentry.properties

OUTPUT=$(../node_modules/@sentry/cli/bin/sentry-cli upload-dif "$DWARF_DSYM_FOLDER_PATH" --force-foreground


upload-dif from Sentry still crashes without any useful information what went wrong.

Any updates, proposals for fix?

Is this happening on a self hosted installation? It does sound a bit like there is a misconfiguration on sentry itself. I wonder if this points to the caching layer not being properly enable as this is necessary for debug file uploads to function.

I think it’s a self hosted installation, so it’s possible that there is a misconfiguration.

Can you please send a link to how it should be configured for the debug file uploads to work or if it isn’t documented can you please give us some instructions on how to verify the caching layer is properly enabled?

I’ve forked this conversation to Document debug file uploads cache config · Issue #1194 · getsentry/self-hosted · GitHub for visibility w/ self-hosted.