Sentry-cli can't locate the Info.plist file at the time of upload

I have uploaded the DSYMS file using the Sentry Cli 1.26.1 (latest). After the successful uploading the file when i looked the Project “Debug Information Files” it showing this Error… Why the ‘sentry-cli can’t locate the Info.plist file at the time of upload’ – I have uploaded the file using MacTerminal … Could you please tell me what i had missed while uploading ?

Used Command -
sentry-cli --auth-token XXX upload-dsym --org xxx --project xx /path.AM.xcarchive/dSYMs

I have Got the DSYM path from an .ipa file of the same version Number i have tested.

You can provide an explicit path to the Info,plist file with the --info-plist option. This is in case it can’t find it automatically. In our case we are using a preprocessed Info.plist file and had to provide an explicit path.