iOS SDK: Swift symbols not demangled

Hello, I’m using Sentry SDK 5.2.2 on iOS & on-prem version 9.0.0 (using an older SDK version as its the most recent that will work with on-prem 9.0.0)

I believe I’m uploading DSYM files correctly & see them in the debug section of settings, but I’m not seeing Swift symbols demangled in my stack traces. Is there a build setting I need to adjust, or is this an unfortunate reality of on-prem 9.0.0?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Are the system symbols from Apple also available in Sentry? It’s a common issue with self hosted instances. You could create a free account on and test against it.
Something else that comes to mind: there was a bug in the sentry-cocoa SDK (which I couldn’t find the version range affected right now) but it’s in the 5.x series that affected some stack traces. (@philipp might know but he won’t be online for a couple of weeks.)

If you can use the latest version to validate, it would help, but Sentry version 9 are many years old and doesn’t have an envelope endpoint, which all new SDKs depend on.

@bruno-garcia yes they are available in non-hosted Sentry

If you are able to pull up that bug please let me know! As a heads up, I also filed this issue report on Github

@bruno-garcia any luck finding the affected range? I didn’t see anything jump out in the changelog for version 5

Also @philipp please ping me when you’re back! I’ve seen you provide a lot of excellent support on more recent symbol issues, hoping you have some insight here!