iOS symbolication issue - _hidden symbols


I’m trying out the Sentry SDK in an iOS app. However, I have an issue with symbolication. I’ve uploaded the DSYMs using the sentry-cli tool, and Sentry now doesn’t show the warning about missing symbols, but the method names are showing up like _hidden#22_.

I had the same issue when I was testing Bugsnag, and I found in their docs that when a project uses Bitcode, you need to either run “Download DSYMs” in Xcode (if the build was submitted to iTunes Connect), or provide a path to a “BCSymbolMaps” folder which contains a bunch of “.bcymbolmap” files. I used that and it worked there.

This is a development-signed build, which I’m not planning to upload to iTunes Connect at all (I used iTunes to sync it to the phone), so I’d have to use the second method. Does Sentry handle that? Is there any way I can upload those bcymbolmap files together with the DSYMs?

We currently do not support this but we will add this to sentry-cli see:

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