Is alert-rule-action UI schema going to be implemented?


My team is using an on-prem Mattermost and an on-prem Sentry installation. I have a fork of the old-old-old slack plugin which we refactored to work with our Mattermost instance, but since we moved to Sentry 10, this plugin broke (no surprise there).

As how I understand currently, the preferred way to integrate something to Sentry whether is it hosted or on-prem is the Integration Platform. Because of the nature of the integration i’m writing, I would like to have a way to set up the alerts into different target channels. For this I found nothing in the Integration Platform documentation, but I saw some evidence in the code that there is a plan to support additional UI elements on the Alert rule definition UI. After further checking the code on GitHub, I think the feature is not yet implemented.

Is it going to be implemented / released into the on-prem edition of sentry? If yes, when can we expect it?
If it’s not going to happen (or not in the foreseeable future), what can you recommend me as a best course of action? Should I implement the mattermost integration in-tree, or just fall back to the plugin ecosystem?

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