Is it possible to auto-resolve certain issues?

My application has a known error (caused by a dependency) that is handled gracefully. I would like the application to still report the error, but I don’t need it showing up in my list of errors. This means that I would like to automatically mark them as resolved. The features that allow me to “resolve until…” or “ignore until…” seem like they kinda work except that then these errors would still pop up at an arbitrary time in the future. I suppose I could ignore it until some far-future date, but that seems like a bit of a hack.

Since I can tag the error before it is reported, it seems that the best practice would be to automatically resolve issues that have a certain tag. This ensures that only issues that are handled, and tagged, are the ones that get resolved. I also wouldn’t be relying on a hack to have them be hidden from the list of active issues. Further, since it’s tagged, I could easily go search for it in the future when I need to see how frequently it is happening.


@jaaasshh I know this is old thread, but have you ever figured this out?