Is it possible to recreate the bar charts?

Hi, I’m running Sentry 9.1.2 on premise and am absolutely loving it. Unfortunately I didn’t set up my Redis with persistence (yet), so after the update from 9.1.1 to 9.1.2, all the bar charts vanished that show how often errors happened per hour or day. Is it possible to recreate them, or is my only option to just set up Redis correctly so it doesn’t happen again?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Glad to hear that you are enjoying using Sentry! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there is no way to recreate this data. That said if you use our on-premise repository for your install, it automatically sets up retention for Redis. – Scratch that, I only started doing that in the v10 branch, sorry :smiley: This will also stop being an issue with Sentry v10 as it will use ClickHouse for these charts, which is persistent by default.

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