Is there a way to avoid creating issues on secondary exceptions?

By secondary I mean those exceptions that occur immediately after an initial exception.
Often times When an error occurs it is followed by additional errors. These additional errors are most of times of no importance since the initial error is the one to handle. The exceptions that follow just create “noise” in the system.
So is there a way to ignore those OOTB?

If not I can suggest something.
Now I understand that “immediately” is a vague term, however it could be turned into something precise:
In the breadcrumbs of an issue I see the line titled “sentry” that if I understand correctly informs that an exception was already sent to Sentry at that point.
What if I could specify that an exception was sent to Sentry up to X breadcrumbs back, I would consider the current exception to be just a “ricochet” of the previous one and not report it?