Sentry Browser: Ignoring exceptions from IFRAMEs

We recently added Sentry to our frontends, where we also happen to use Intercom for customer support. As you might’ve guessed, these two vendor libraries don’t play well together. Our events spiked 10x what they were before we added Sentry to our frontends (yay for overages!). First thing we did was update our config to use whitelist URLs to only raise exceptions from our own scripts. That stopped most issues, however we’re still receiving a significant amount of exceptions when the Intercom scripts (runs in an IFRAME) attempt to access the parent window after the parent window has been reloaded.

This is a known issue with IE (and Edge) when an IFRAME window attempts to access window.parent in certain scenarios. We can certainly ignore the error, but since IE is localized, we’d have to ignore it in every language we support (currently seeing the exception in English & Spanish).

What I’m looking for here is a way to ignore all exceptions that come from an IFRAME. Anyone know if that is possible?

I’ve read through the docs, blog posts from the Sentry team, looked at other threads in the forums and not really seeing anything. Maybe it doesn’t exist but hoping I’m just missing something.