Issue alert for the latest minor


our team is using semantic versioning, which means that we distinguish between majors, minors and patch releases. Majors and minors can include new features while patch releases only contain bug fixes.

We currently use the sentry github action to create releases in Sentry. We create a new release whenever we release a major, minor, or patch version of our product.

We now want to create an issue alert which triggers in case an issue impacts more than n users in the latest minor release. It’s an extra alert because we want to give prioritity to new issues introduced by the latest minor release.

The issue is that Sentry only allows creating alerts for the latest release which in our case would refer to the latest patch release instead of the minor. Hence, we’d miss out on issues created by previous patches for this minor or the .0 release of the minor.

I see multiple solutions for this:

  • Only create sentry release events whenever we release a minor
  • Create an alert which manually matches the latest minor release number. This has the drawback that we’d have to update the alert whenever we release a new minor.

What is the recommended / preferred way of handling this?

Thanks for your help,