Issue Owners not explained very well, got few questions


I am trying to use Issue Owners feature.

What is really path? What is path inside sentry issue? How can I located it from image below?

Can I use regex like this one /some/path/?

If I define next rule url:* #product, does it mean that only #product team will receive errors although I have many more teams added to project?

Now here is my issue, I added next rule:

path:app/src/games/live_betting/* #team-frontend

But I am still receiving email although I am not part of #team-frontend.

This is how issue looks:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Based on the image you’ve provided, I can’t tell you what you’d want to use as path.

Path correlates to frames in the actual stacktrace. So a path is specifically matching against source code files.

In what you’ve shown, the only thing I can see is url. In which case your path rule won’t match against it.

You’d want a rule like url:http://localhost:20102/app/* #team-frontend or something to match here.

Specifically, check that url tag that you see in the screenshot.

Ah, I get it. So if this is one line in my stacktrace:

/app/src/games/live_betting/liveController.js in new <anonymous> at line 24:13

my path would be

/app/src/games/live_betting/** #team-frontend


I think it is working now.

We cannot use url as path type because app is running inside node-webkit.

That looks correct, though you can simply use * instead of ** (I dont think the behavior differs in our implementation).

Hi @seven-cd – docs for Issue Owners are now live:

Do the docs answer your questions? Is there anything we can clarify?

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Yes, everything is clear now.

Awesome, thank you.

Actually one more question. Is it possible to set path like this (with prefix wildcard)

*/app/src/games/live_betting/* #team-frontend


Sorry for excavating this thread. But it perfectly fits my issue.

I’m integrating with Sentry through Serilog on ASP.NET Core platform. I want to configure issue owners for my project.

  1. Is there any way to assign entire project to specific users? Regardless of paths or urls. I don’t exactly know how integration works. But it seems that since each project is assigned its own unique DSN it should not be a problem, should it?
    Specifying path:* or url:* doesn’t help.

  2. Ok, I’m trying to solve my problem with existing features. I managed to configure issue owner in case of exception. Then relative path like path:*\UsersService\Controllers\UsersController.cs works fine. And in event’s JSON I see this: “abs_path”:“C:\Work\Projects\BackendMicroServices\UsersService\Controllers\UsersController.cs”

But now I want to configure the same for Error log message. I mean, not for exception but when my source code has such string:
logger.LogError("Test ownership in case of error log");
And then nothing helps to configure only myself as a n owner. Neither this path:*\UsersService\Controllers\UsersController.cs nor this url:*/api/v1.0/users/find* nor other variations of the latter. All users still receive e-mails.
In event’s JSON I see the only relevant record is “RequestPath”:"/api/v1.0/users/find" But as I said using this relative url doesn’t help.

How am I supposed to do this?