Issues Integrating Slack in Sentry


I’ve instaled Sentry on my server and it’s working fine, capturing the issues from my app. But I’m not being able to setup the integration with Slack.

When I click on the “Add to Slack” button on Slack directory app page (…), I’m being redirected to .

I’m assuming this is the first step to do the integration, since if I click on Settings->Integrations->Slack->Add Workspace I’m receiving the following message: Something went wrong when authorizing this app. Please specify `client_id

Reading the docs, it seems that I will get this client_id information after adding Sentry app to Slack.

Can anyone give me a help on what I’m missing?

I’m running Sentry version 21.5.0.dev0 on a Ubuntu 20.04


Hi, sorry for the late reply. You need to follow this guide:

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