Slack and sentry integration

Hello, i have a problem with my slack and sentry integration. Sentry 10.1.0 On-Premise.
At first i go to organization settings > integration and try to add slack workspace manually but getting an error:

Something went wrong when authorizing this app.

Try going back and authorizing again. If problems persist, contact support for help.

Error details

Please specify client_id

So, looking for a solution in google and first link is there:

Just doing the same, create an application in slack, configure my sentry config.yml with taken slack.client-id, slack.client-secret, slack.verification-token. Enabling interactive components and more, but then i go to event subscriptions, entering correct (i guess) URL and get 500:

So i feel i stuck a lot and will be glad for any ideas how to solve this, thank you.

Please make sure you have rebuilt your Sentry images after you have modified your config.yml. Also sharing the logs from your web service for this 500 error would be very useful for diagnosing the issue.