Sentry and slack integration error

Im trying to connect onprem Sentry 21.6.1 with Slack. I made changes in config.yml, set slack.client-id, slack.client-secret and slack.signing-secret and rebuild images. After that, im getting error in Integration → Slack

An error occurred while validating your request.

Also, in web container i see this errors:

web_1 | 11:20:14 [INFO] sentry.identity: identity.token-exchange-error (error='invalid_state' pipeline_state='edd34cc95afe46e5ab051041455403bc')
web_1 | 11:20:14 [ERROR] sentry.integration.slack: pipeline error (organization_id=1 provider='slack' error='An error occurred while validating your request.')

Any suggestions?

Something might be altering your request URLs so the state does not match?

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