Jenkins plugin uploads sourcemaps but no artifacts are shown

We are trying to set up Jenkins to upload sourcemaps, using the webpack plugin, for a React project. We get a “Source Map Upload Report” and also we can see the de-minified code in any reported error, so that is good.

However, there are no artifacts in the GUI. We can see a new release is created under Settings > Projects > [our project] > Source Maps, but no artifacts. Shouldn’t they be found there?

Can the sourcemaps somehow be coming from the server that generated the error? Because, we want to remove them from that deployment.

==== Logs below: ====

Found 2 release files
Analyzing 2 sources
Rewriting sources
Adding source map references
Bundled 2 files for upload
Uploaded release files to Sentry
File upload complete

Source Map Upload Report
Minified Scripts
~/main.2e4b5f658703e1f80ec7.0.0.1.min.js (sourcemap at
Source Maps
Hash: bf69bdf689b1aded0f91
Version: webpack 4.44.1
Time: 104624ms
Built at: 11/17/2020 2:46:28 PM
Asset Size Chunks Chunk Names
index.html 2.75 KiB [emitted]
main.2e4b5f658703e1f80ec7.0.0.1.min.js 5.39 MiB 0 [emitted] [immutable] [big] main 12.5 MiB 0 [emitted] [dev] main
Entrypoint main [big] = main.2e4b5f658703e1f80ec7.0.0.1.min.js

We solved it, it was 2 things:

  • obsolete values in .senrtyclirc
  • mismatch between release names in webpack plugin and Sentry.init()

Fixing this uploaded the sourcemaps to correct account and mapped our errors to the right release.
Hope this can help someone else…