JIRA Cloud + Sentry On-Premise?

Is it possible to integrate JIRA Cloud with Sentry On-Premise?

We have been running Sentry 9.0.0 with per-project (“legacy”) JIRA integration for a while

It recently stopped working. When I try to create a new integration I get “Unauthorized: either your username and password were invalid or you do not have access”. I think this is because of https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/deprecation-notice-user-privacy-api-migration-guide/

I’ve started testing 9.1.1, which seems to have a new organization-level JIRA integration (great!). I add the integration on the JIRA side, and then it asks me “Please login to your Sentry account to access the Sentry Add-on configuration”

Is is possible to integrate with an On-Premise Sentry installation?

I’ve had luck with following the following instructions:

I know this mentions self-hosted JIRA but this also worked on Cloud for me.

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