JIRA + Hosted Sentry: How to login?

After adding the JIRA integration to our JIRA instance, it asks us to login to Sentry.

We’re using an on-premise / hosted Sentry. How are we supposed to login on this screen? What account should we use?

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Sounds like you’ve added the new JSD-based integration, which on the marketplace only supports Hosted sentry by default. If you just want Jira issue tracking you can do that via sentry-jira (or alternatively sentry-plugins, though thats not yet versioned).

I dont think we yet support on-premise for JSD, but if you’re interested in that let us know so we can prioritize it.


Thanks for the reply @zeeg, we’re definitely interested in the JSD jira integration for on-premise. Would love to get some updates on that.

Also the jira plugin in sentry-plugins specifically mentions to download the integration from the Atlassian marketplace.

So what’s the recommended way to install this integration in an on-promise sentry deployment?

edit: I should point out that I’ve installed the sentry-plugins package with pip, and in my sentry’s admin “Packages” view I see the JIRA plugin listed. However that’s the only mention of it. I don’t see any UI options to activate it, nor connect it to our Jira instance.

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Hi. Just following up on this as I’m in the same situation. What’s the recommended approach?

Following up. We’re looking for something like this as well.

Same here - jira cloud and on prem sentry.

Our current Jira integration should cover these use cases. It’s available in the 9.1 series.